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What Our Students Say:
Emma Carbery
The programme was very beneficial in many ways both from a personal practice perspective and from the perspective of being able to teach the programme, or an adaptation of it, in the workplace. I particularly enjoyed Shamash's style which throughout was one of interest, curiosity, openness and a desire to help us all get as much out of the programme as we could. I look forward to learning with Shamash again in the future, thank you!
Dr. Clemens Bauer
M.D., Neurobiology Institute, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
I was in the search of a teacher training course to widen my knowledge of mindfulness meditation and particularly to learn how to best share this knowledge. However, all were abroad or lasted too long. Shamash's course was perfect for me. Although I was a bit sceptical about online courses I came to realise that it doesn’t matter if the teacher and fellow students are on the other side of the world, one can really get in touch and learn! Shamash is a wonderful and insightful teacher. I highly recommend this and others of his courses.
Suzie Dwyer
Physiotherapist, Vital Health Glen Innes, NSW, AU
I found that the mindfulness teacher training has deepened my practice and changed me in many positive ways. I have learnt to be less striving and much gentler and kind with myself, and this has benefited me immensely. I now feel confident that I can be a good role model to others in promoting a mindful way of life and easing suffering. Thank you so much Shamash, I am forever grateful!
What are the fundamentals of the course and what philosophy it is based on?
Our Teach Mindfulness program is based on the philosophy of several different schools of mindfulness. Firstly the scientific approach of MBSR and MBCT developed by Jon Kabat Zinn and Mark Williams. Then it's also influenced by the approach of Kindfulness, talked about by Ajahn Brahm - essentially combining mindfulness with kindness and compassion. And finally it has a light hearted approach which I feel is important nowadays too.
What is the time commitment estimated per week and is there a schedule that you will need follow?
We believe in flexibility rather than teaching a rigid structure, so although you are trained in teaching an 8-week mindfulness course, we encourage you to be creative and use your experience and style to influence the way you design and deliver your mindfulness classes, with lots of smiles and enthusiasm we hope.
Is There Any Homework?
Over the period of the course (the first week is an orientation session), you are asked to practice the recommended mindfulness meditations and exercises daily, read from our course books in preparation for discussion in the next session, and journal about your meditation experience. We call it ‘home experiments’, not homework.You will also create a fun and creative project at the programme’s culmination.
What Does a Typical Session Look Like?
A typical session includes theory, opportunity to listen to a meditation being guided, and training on how to teach this particular session to a group and some discussion over the key theme of the session. You can ask questions live as we go along. There will be a Q&A session at the end of each session.
A certificate will be issued at the end of training (note: certification is available for the participants of Premium and Work programs only). The certificate will state ” [Your Name] has successfully completed 100 hours Mindfulness Teacher Training. The training was led by Shamash Alidina, Mindfulness Author and Coach.” when you successfully complete the written work.The 100 hours training includes live online training (20 hours), mindfulness co-coaching with someone (about 8 hours), personal mindfulness practice (about 40 hours), reflective reading (at least 25 hours) and final project (at least 10 hours).This certificate can be used for your Continuing Professional Development.
Ongoing Support
After completing your teacher training with us, as a bonus, we offer the Shamash Premium Monthly Mentoring and supervision support. Each month you can ask questions and share best practice ideas with all the other people that have completed mindfulness teacher training, either with us or any other organisation. The tips not only include topics on mindfulness, but also touch upon ways of marketing yourself and your programme in a mindful way.We're really passionate about mindfulness and want to support you as much as possible in your journey as a mindfulness teacher. We're in this together!
This program is currently accredited by the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches. They also offer insurance to those who successfully complete this program.

You can teach mindfulness with this certificated, professional course. Some people start teaching mindfulness after just reading a book, whilst others spend up to 5 years of training before teaching mindfulness. This course is a bridge – we strive to offer the highest standard of teaching through an online medium.

Some people ask if this qualification would be acceptable for the NHS or for other therapeutic work. We have had many therapists, doctors and health professionals use this training to go on to teach mindfulness. But you do need to be qualified to work with your particular client group. If in doubt, you should check with your supervisor to be certain this is acceptable. In any case, doing this training will only benefit your continuing education and will serve as a beneficial stepping stone for further training in the future, if you find mindfulness to be an enjoyable and effective approach to use with your clients. We check your application and only accept people who have a genuine passion for mindfulness and wish to share with others in a professional and authentic way.

Complete beginners are asked to do the Live Mindful Course and integrate mindfulness into their lives first.
How do we get in touch to ask additional questions?
Our Chief Happiness Officer, Teresa Slender, is happy to answer your queries. Please email info@shamashalidina.com or call +44 (0) 207 060 3392.
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