Advanced Teach Mindfulness Program
Get Certified to teach Mindfulness AND Kindfulness
Kindfulness is a concept that builds on top of Mindfulness, developed by Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Brahm, Shamash Alidina and originally from core Buddhist principles that have often been lost in modern mindfulness training programs.

Kindfulness focuses on the discovery and cultivation of kindness towards your own self and the difference it has on your life.

Mindfulness, Kindness and Compassion together (Kindfulness) are proven in the latest scientific research to be the best way to optimise your body and mind for a happy, healthy, productive and successful life. And it feels great too!
 The Advanced Teach Mindfulness Program (Certified) covers the main aspects of Mindfulness AND Kindfulness.

Next session starts in 2018
Here’s how it works:

If you haven't been through our Certified Teach Mindfulness Basic Program, you'll start with that one first (included in the price).
Then you'll continue learning over the next 3 months and 100 total hours.

You get:


 ➫ 10 x  Teach Mindfulness Sessions (2 hours each) = Value £1000

 ➫ 3 x Live Q and A Sessions = £600

 ➫ 5 x Advanced Teach Mindfulness and Kindfulness Sessions = £1000

 ➫ 1 x 1:2:1 Coaching Session with Shamash = £1000

 ➫ Bonus Package of mp3s, scripts, slide decks and more to keep = £1000

 ➫ Project Assessment and Feedback = £500 

 ➫ 6 months Private Facebook Group  with Shamash = £500

 ➫ Ongoing Private Facebook Group for Graduates  = £500

 ➫ Certification = £100

Total Value = £6200

Your Investment Starts from £125 per week


The whole Certified Advanced Teach Mindfulness Program takes 6 months and 200 hours in total to complete.
Here’s the Syllabus for Certified Advanced Teach Mindfulness Program
(subject to change before training starts):
1. The Basic and Natural Method of Meditation
★  Discover a more natural form of meditation based on doing nothing!
★  Find out why it’s natural for your mind to be still and why it wanders
★  Discover tips to help your students work with a wild mind

2. The Five Hindrances to Meditation
★  Find out the 5 most common challenges to meditation
★  Discover how to deal with each challenge
★  Find out how to teach your students to deal with these challenges

3. Understanding the Delightful Breath: Mindfulness and Kindfulness of Breath
★  Discover at what point you should introduce awareness of breath (not at the beginning)
★  Find out why the breath is so common in meditation, and how to enjoy cultivating breath awareness
★  Discover some tricks for developing awareness of breath

4. Lights in the Mind, The Body Disappearing and other experiences
★  Understand what nimittas are, and why they are important to understand
★  Discover how to ‘work’ with nimittas
★  Learn about the 1000 petal lotus simile for you and your students
★  Discover why the disappearance of your body in meditation is an important part of the process
★  Overcoming fear in meditation. Dealing with other ‘strange’ experiences for you and your students.

5. The Science of Mindfulness, Kindness, Love 2.0 and Compassion
★  Find out the Brain and Body science of mindfulness and compassion
   Understand the neuroscience of Mindfulness and Compassion
★  Discover the impact of love on the body based on solid science research
★  Understand the role of the Vegas nerve in love and compassion practice
★  Discover a power way to guide the loving kindness meditation
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This Includes:
Live Sessions
Five 2-hour live online sessions.
Progress Focused
Marking and full feedback of your assignment.
Facebook Group
Access to our private Facebook group with other participants and more.
Recorded sessions available to everyone. One new session per week.
Full colour personalised PDF certificate.
Valuable bonuses

"I found the course very good value for money - although I was a bit apprehensive about the price to start with. It provided a really good insight into how to share mindfulness in both a personal and corporate setting. Completing this course has provided me with the skills and knowledge to feel confident in sharing the benefits of mindfulness in a corporate setting. I am so grateful for the valuable tools and techniques shared during the course and have already started my own teaching practice. Shamash is certainly an expert in the field, embodying the attitudes of mindfulness during every interaction I had with him. Thank you Shamash!"
Steve Carter
In my opinion the course is very complete and filled all my expectations and more! It certainly is value for the money! I was in the search of a teacher training course to widen my knowledge of mindfulness meditation and particularly to learn how to best share this knowledge. However, all were abroad or lasted to long. Shamash's course was perfect for me. Although I was a bit sceptical about online courses I came to realize that it doesn't matter if the teacher and fellow students are on the other side of the world, one can really get in touch and learn! Shamash is a wonderful and insightful teacher. I highly recommend this and any other of his courses. 
- Clemens Bauer
The programme was very beneficial in many ways both from a personal practice perspective and from the perspective of being able to teach the programme, or an adaptation of it, in the workplace. I particularly enjoyed Shamash's style which throughout was one of interest, curiosity, openness and a desire to help us all get as much out of the programme as we could. It gave me a clearer view of teaching the 8 week programme. It gave me many insights as to how I could adapt this for the workplace. The way that we were taken through each of the exercises to understand what each of them were trying to achieve helped with the potential adaptation to different audiences. Going through the enquiry process and giving live examples of doing this enquiry was also very useful. It's similar to techniques I have used in other facilitation settings so seeing it in action on this course gave me confidence that I can do that as I have done it in other ways in many workplace settings. I look forward to training with Shamash again in the future!
- Emma Carbery
Still Not Sure? No Worries.
The Teach Mindfulness Online Programme Comes With a Solid
Money-Back Guarantee!
 Full refund is available up to the first session of the program. After the first session, no refunds are available.

 Your Investment Starts from £125 per week
(total of £2499)

Is There Any Homework?
Over the period of the course (the first week is an orientation session), you are asked to practice the recommended mindfulness meditations and exercises daily, read from our course books in preparation for discussion in the next session, and journal about your meditation experience. We call it ‘home experiments’, not homework.You will also create a fun and creative project at the programme’s culmination.
What Does a Typical Session Look Like?
A typical session includes theory, opportunity to listen to a meditation being guided, and training on how to teach this particular session to a group and some discussion over the key theme of the session. You can ask questions live as we go along. There will be a Q&A session at the end of each session.
A certificate will be issued at the end of training. The certificate will state ” [Your Name] has successfully completed 200 hours Advanced Teach Mindfulness and Kindfulness Training. The training was led by Shamash Alidina, Mindfulness Author and Coach.” when you successfully complete the written work. The 100 hours training includes live online training (20 hours), personal mindfulness practice (about 40 hours), reflective reading (at least 25 hours) and final project (at least 10 hours). This certificate can be used for your Continuing Professional Development.
Ongoing Support
We offer a Private Facebook Group so you can be supported by your co-coach, who’s someone else you choose from the group. Shamash is also in that group if you have any questions that you’re struggling with, and answers questions as and when he can. You can also support each other within that group. Many people end up supporting each other for months or years ahead! You are also put into a Teach Mindfulness Graduates Private Facebook Group at the end of the training, so you can continue to get support from all the others who’ve completed our program, all over the world!
How do we get in touch to ask additional questions?
Our Chief Happiness Officer, Teresa Slender, is happy to answer your queries. Please email info@shamashalidina.com or call +44 (0) 207 060 3392.
Remember to include a nice smiley face in your email and we’ll send one back for free! :-)