What people are saying about the course
I would recommend the course to those of you who have personally enjoyed the benefits of Mindfulness in your own lives and want to be able to pass this onto others. The practices are secure and as I work through my assignments I feel like they will be embedded. Overall, I wanted to feel confident with my own understanding of Mindfulness so that I could deliver it to others. This meant that I felt I needed to establish the underlying principles of a mindfulness course. This was all achieved, especially through my own practices from the course. The true peace you can find through this course is untold.
Lyn Matthews
I wanted to be competent and have full knowledge of how to teach a Mindfulness course. The practicality was brilliant - being able to listen to the recording if I was away was great and the content was clear and easy to understand. I enjoyed following a structured format and having a Coaching partner. Overall it was an excellent course, highly informative and fitted well around work and social commitments. I now feel ready to start teaching the mindfulness course to small groups of people. Shamash has a kind and very experienced approach to teaching people the skills to comprehensively teach people Mindfulness skills. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to develop further their mindfulness skills.
Louise Staden
This course was a complete introduction to the basics of teaching Mindfulness. Shamash showed his enthusiasm and expertise throughout the course and by example, he really did demonstrate the principles that he taught. I found it a very valuable learning experience. I compared the cost and time involved for other certification programs that I have explored and can say that this courses was a fast track to be able to teach Mindfulness.
Hal Tipper
I thought that lots of necessary things were covered during the course and that Shamash gave ample opportunity for people to give feedback during the sessions. It made me really look closely at how I would go about teaching mindfulness. The co-coaching was really a good learning experience too. Overall I thought there was lots of valuable information presented in a warm, friendly and often humorous way.
Kathleen Troiano
I found that the mindfulness teacher training has deepened my practice and changed me in many positive ways. I have learnt to be less striving and much more gentle and kind with myself, and this has benefited me immensely. I now feel confident that I can be a good role model to others in promoting a mindful way of life and easing suffering. I also think it was really good value for money. Thank you so much Shamash, I am forever grateful!
Suzie Dwyer
I liked the course structure in that it was online and interactive; the course content was excellent and specifically that all the materials were readily available in a timely manner. Also, the fact that the session recordings are available to refer to as appropriate. It was good value for the money, I felt that this was an excellent online course providing a good introduction to teaching mindfulness based cognitive therapy. The course was interactive. Shamash is a very good teacher being patient, considerate and encouraging.
Linden Rossam
In my opinion the course is very complete and filled all my expectations and more! It certainly is value for the money! I was in the search of a teacher training course to widen my knowledge of mindfulness meditation and particularly to learn how to best share this knowledge. However, all were abroad or lasted to long. Shamash's course was perfect for me. Although I was a bit sceptical about online courses I came to realize that it doesn't matter if the teacher and fellow students are on the other side of the world, one can really get in touch and learn! Shamash is a wonderful and insightful teacher. I highly recommend this and any other of his courses. To know that it is possible to have serious and effective online training. I personally benefited from the co-coaching, great idea. A cost effective and time efficient training program. The beginning of a mindful network.
Clemens Bauer
The flexibility of being able to undertake it at home was paramount. Due to personal and work commitments I wouldn't have been able to undertake it if I'd had to travel every week. I was able to attend every session but it was good to know if I couldn't the session was recorded and I wouldn't miss anything. It was absolutely good value for money. I would definitely recommend this course. The professional manner in which it was delivered, the amount of information imparted and the flexibility of doing it in your own home were fantastic.
Elaine Henderson
In many ways it was an extraordinary experience and meditating in a group albeit an online one was actually great and I feel I really started to get to grips with Mindfulness through this. Sometimes I would think please God not another meditation but then would gain so much from it. This has really taught me to meditate whether or not I'm in the mood and I really hope to continue to do so. I also feel something has opened up inside me but I can't really explain this properly at the moment. With all the extras thrown in it was great value for money, all I can say is be prepared to be surprised, this is so much more than a teaching course.
Sonia Webb
The webinar format enabled interaction with both the trainer and other attendees, whilst affording the flexibility to catch up by watching the video if you were unable to attend any sessions. This is not a just sit there and get the badge course, the project required for assessment is challenging, yet enjoyable and useful. Look forward to the personal fulfilment that you experience, that was the huge surprise for me...
Jackie Marsh
The training was definitely value for money, no travelling, and you can even wear your pyjamas to turn up and learn! I found the `Teach Mindfulness Online' course to be both an informative and fun learning environment. Shamash takes the time to include everybody's learning needs, and delivers the training in a simplistic but thorough manner. I would definitely recommend taking this course to widen your understanding of Mindfulness and to deepen your own practice. As a student, I had to make the journey, but Shamash defiantly had all the right maps!
Deborah Williamson
The programme was very beneficial in many ways both from a personal practice perspective and from the perspective of being able to teach the programme, or an adaptation of it, in the workplace. I particularly enjoyed Shamash's style which throughout was one of interest, curiosity, openness and a desire to help us all get as much out of the programme as we could. It gave me a clearer view of teaching the 8 week programme. It gave me many insights as to how I could adapt this for the workplace. The way that we were taken through each of the exercises to understand what each of them were trying to achieve helped with the potential adaptation to different audiences. Going through the enquiry process and giving live examples of doing this enquiry was also very useful. It's similar to techniques I have used in other facilitation settings so seeing it in action on this course gave me confidence that I can do that as I have done it in other ways in many workplace settings. I look forward to training with Shamash again in the future!
Emma Carbery
This teacher training allowed me to hone my approach to the material and gain confidence in how to deliver to a group audience. Hearing others lead meditation and share their personal stories also helped ground me in the experience that many people are interested in becoming more mindful and kindful in their everyday lives. This class is the best online resource to deepening your understanding of the core concepts related to mindfulness while also introducing you to like minded individuals from around the world. Shamash is very personable, has a kind teaching approach, and is very dedicated to his practice of being a more kindful person among this world. I do feel it good value for the money. If the individual has their own personal practice established and is comfortable searching these concepts inside themselves they will have great benefit from the course. You don't have to leave you house and can be connected with people around the world in a learning environment.
Carter Layfield
Shamash did an absolutely excellent job of incorporating participation, experience, knowledge and the resources to equip us as a mindfulness instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Shamash handled others inquiries, how he brought his experience and how others shared their experiences with the group. I benefited from the community in general of those in the course. Also, I found the material to be easily accessible and user friendly. Shamash brings his experience, knowledge and warm personal touch throughout this course. The course fully prepared me to instruct others on mindfulness and I feel so grateful to Shamash and the group for the exchange, as it has made a huge impact on me personally and professionally. I cannot say enough positive things about the course, it was life changing and so inspiring! THANK YOU!!!
Susie Sittner

I found the course very good value for money - although I was a bit apprehensive about the price to start with. I thought the content of the course was well thought through and provided a really good insight into how to share mindfulness in both a personal and corporate setting. The collaboration with a global group of people who are passionate about mindfulness and wellbeing was so valuable - I still have regular Skype sessions with my co-coach. I also found the delivery method and style to be convenient and easy to follow. Completing this course has given me the confidence to be creative and start to transition to teaching mindfulness full time.Shamash has a natural and approachable training style and has created a course that is fully accessible to everyone. The content of the course has provided me with the skills and knowledge to feel confident in sharing the benefits of mindfulness in a personal and corporate setting. I am so grateful for the valuable tools and techniques shared during the course and have already started my own teaching practice. Shamash is certainly an expert in the field, embodying the attitudes of mindfulness during every interaction I had with him. Thank you Shamash!

Steve Carter
From my perspective, I can happily say that Shamash has pretty much covered everything at a great teaching level. For example, despite already knowing quite a lot about neuroscience, I still found that session on the course interesting, whereas my co-coach, who had no experience in that area, found it interesting but challenging. So a good level for both. I loved the interaction with Shamash and others for questions, feelings and inquiries that came up for me. Having a Facebook page has been great - seeing everyone progress, what's on their minds or sharing the obstacles they're learning to deal with in both their personal and professional practices. I loved having a fixed time to dial in, I've done online courses where you can set your own routine and it's not something I'm particularly good at yet. I also have a great contact and friend in my co-coaching partner who I still regularly Skype with. There is no down side to taking this course. It's well structured, informative, interesting and challenging. You will meet some wonderful and supportive people, and you will thoroughly look forward to your time in "class". Shamash has a wonderful energy and enthusiasm which he shares and which impacts on your own motivation and creativity. I went in with one possible idea for my future and came out with a dozen others which I am just as excited and passionate about.
Fennel Waters