Calling all Executive Coaches, Trainers or Consultants...
Get Certified as a Professional Corporate Mindfulness Trainer
Do you want to teach mindfulness not just to the general public, but also specifically in the workplace?
Want to make a living helping organisations integrate mindfulness?
Looking to develop your own curriculum to take Mindfulness into the workplace, or want to use my approach? Perhaps you’re already a workplace trainer, executive coach or consultant?
Want to get certified and the ability to get insured as a mindfulness coach?
Like the convenience of online training together with the power of a close-knit online community?
If so, then our Coach Mindfulness training is certainly for you!

Next session starts in September 2018
Price: £4997
Here’s how it works:
Get EVERYTHING from our Basic Mindfulness Certified Training program
+ 2 x 2.5 hour Live Online Webinars
+ 4 x 2.5 hour Live Online Webinars
+ 2 x 1:2:1 Coaching Sessions with Shamash
+ Additional Bonuses
+ Weekly Co-coaching with someone else who’s also doing the Coach Mindfulness training.
You’ll get a personal 1:2:1 Coaching Session with Shamash at the beginning and end of the program, to check in, decide and clarify your intentions and work out some ways to turn your dreams and wishes into reality.

Teaching or coaching mindfulness in the workplace is different to the general public.
Here are some of the key differences when it comes to coaching people in mindfulness when in the workplace:
★ You need to focus on the science first
★ You need to focus on the positive business outcomes of practising mindfulness
★ You need to adapt the length mindfulness meditations and exercises
★ You need to make the mindfulness techniques relevant to a workplace context - e.g. Mindful meetings and presentations
★ You need to use the right language - resilience works better than stress reduction. Emotional intelligence means more than kindness to self and others.
Here’s the Syllabus for ‘Corporate Mindfulness Certified Training
(subject to refinement before training starts):

1. Exploring Mindfulness at Work:
★ Mindfulness practice
★ Reflecting on your intentions and motivations for the program
★ What is mindfulness at work
★ Overview of the whole subject

2. Discovering the Benefits:
★ The neuroscience of mindfulness.
★ Science of Mindfulness – Mindfulness and the Brain
★ Mindfulness, Stress and Resilience

3. Using Technology Mindfully
★ Effects of technology on the brain
★ Best ways to use technology
★ Using mindfulness to manage digital tech use

4. Integrating Mindfulness with Coaching
★ Different levels of integration
★ Common challenges and ways of overcoming them
★ How to coach clients using mindfulness

5. Mindfulness and Creativity. Mindful Leadership
★ How is mindfulness linked to creativity
★ Unlocking people’s creativity using mindfulness
★ Exploring how mindfulness helps to improve leadership
★ Emotional Intelligence, Focus, Clarity and other leadership skills

6. Developing a Mindfulness Curriculum for the Workplace
★ Ways of packaging and pitching mindfulness in the workplace
★ A sample curriculum you can use with groups or 1:2:1
★ Looking at alternative curricula that have been developed

Apply for the next course and Get the LowestTuition for the FULL Training

This Includes:
Live Sessions
Two 2-hour live online sessions.
Progress Focused
Marking and full feedback of your assignment.
Facebook Group
Access to our private Facebook group with other participants and more.
4 recorded sessions available to everyone. One new session per week.
Full colour personalised PDF certificate.
All SEVEN (7) valuable bonuses
Apply Now and Get These Bonuses:
Bonus 1: Three months of membership of ‘Teach Mindfulness Alumni’
When you register, you’ll become a member of Teach Mindfulness for three months. This will mean you’ll access a whole range of resources, including private recordings of 12 x 1-hour group mentoring sessions that Shamash has conducted. You’ll also get access to a monthly video, in which Shamash discusses a key concept around teaching mindfulness, or interviews a specialist mindfulness teacher. You also become part of the Teach Mindfulness community and are part of a special Teach Mindfulness private Facebook group.
Bonus 2: Access to All 10 Powerpoint Presentations from the Teach Mindfulness Programme (Value: £197)
You’ll be granted exclusive access to a members-only resource vault where you’ll be able to download them within 48 hours after each live session. By the end of the 10-day intensive, you’ll have the entire set. Each presentation consists of 20-30 slides. These slides are an invaluable resource to refresh you memory and get inspiration on how to teach your own mindfulness course or workshop.
Bonus 3: My “Corporate Mindfulness” Slide Deck (Value: £97)
This is the “easy button” shortcut for you to teach mindfulness in the workplace! Register now and you’ll also be able to download this powerful set of slides that I’ve personally developed and use to teach mindfulness programs in corporate organisations. Why “reinvent the wheel” when you can simply download my slides, in colour, and adapt to suit your own teaching style!
Bonus 4: Over 50 Scripts of all the guided mindfulness meditations (Value: £497)
This is such a mammoth load of extremely valuable content; it has literally taken me 5 years to create, curate, and refine. I know first-hand just how challenging it can be to generate these guided mindfulness meditations on your own. They would make a huge difference for you in your journey of becoming a mindfulness teacher with your own clients and groups.
Bonus 5: My “Coaching Mindfully” Training Video: (Value: £97)

Discover about the art of coaching with mindfulness using this 45-minute video.

Ideal if you’re a coach or want to know how to coach others in mindfulness in a way that is accessible for anyone.
Bonus 6: Road Map for Teaching a Four-Week Mindfulness Course: (Value: £97)
I created this comprehensive PDF road map booklet to guide student learning in a short (4-week) course. You may want to begin by teaching a shorter, four-week mindfulness course. That’s a great way to build your confidence without committing to teaching a longer program.
Bonus 7: Video interview with top mindfulness authors (Value: £147)
Enjoy these video interviews with Shamash, talking with specialists as they share their expertise:
• The Brain Lady explains how mindfulness makes a positive impact on the brain and how to effectively teach mindfulness to adults and teens.
• Chade-Meng Tan has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. He’s met three US Presidents and is friends with the Dalai Lama. Enjoy this private video interview where he explains how he hopes to bring mindfulness not only to Google, but the world.
• Janice Marturano has published a fantastic book called ‘Finding the Place to Lead’. She coaches top CEOs from around the world in mindfulness through mindfulness retreats and workshops. She’s taught mindfulness at the World Economic Forum. Find out her thoughts and ideas in this fascinating interview.
What People Are Saying:

"I found the course very good value for money - although I was a bit apprehensive about the price to start with. It provided a really good insight into how to share mindfulness in both a personal and corporate setting. Completing this course has provided me with the skills and knowledge to feel confident in sharing the benefits of mindfulness in a corporate setting. I am so grateful for the valuable tools and techniques shared during the course and have already started my own teaching practice. Shamash is certainly an expert in the field, embodying the attitudes of mindfulness during every interaction I had with him. Thank you Shamash!"
Steve Carter

"The flexibility of being able to undertake it at home was paramount. Due to personal and work commitments I wouldn't have been able to undertake it if I'd had to travel every week. I was able to attend every session but it was good to know if I couldn't the session was recorded and I wouldn't miss anything. It was absolutely good value for money. I would definitely recommend this course. The professional manner in which it was delivered, the amount of information imparted and the flexibility of doing it in your own home were fantastic."
- Elaine Henderson

"I thought that lots of necessary things were covered during the course and that Shamash gave ample opportunity for people to give feedback during the sessions. It made me really look closely at how I would go about teaching mindfulness. The co-coaching was really a good learning experience too. Overall I thought there was lots of valuable information presented in a warm, friendly and often humorous way."
Kathleen Troiano
Still Not Sure? No Worries.
The Teach Mindfulness Online Programme Comes With a Solid
Money-Back Guarantee!
 Full refund is available up to the first session of the program. After the first session, no refunds are available.

Is There Any Homework?
Over the period of the course (the first week is an orientation session), you are asked to practice the recommended mindfulness meditations and exercises daily, read from our course books in preparation for discussion in the next session, and journal about your meditation experience. We call it ‘home experiments’, not homework.You will also create a fun and creative project at the programme’s culmination.
What Does a Typical Session Look Like?
A typical session includes theory, opportunity to listen to a meditation being guided, and training on how to teach this particular session to a group and some discussion over the key theme of the session. You can ask questions live as we go along. There will be a Q&A session at the end of each session.
A certificate will be issued at the end of training. The certificate will state ” [Your Name] has successfully completed 200 hours Mindfulness Teacher Training. The training was led by Shamash Alidina, Mindfulness Author and Coach.” when you successfully complete the written work. The 100 hours training includes live online training (20 hours), mindfulness co-coaching with someone (about 8 hours), personal mindfulness practice (about 40 hours), reflective reading (at least 25 hours) and final project (at least 10 hours). This certificate can be used for your Continuing Professional Development.
Ongoing Support
After completing your teacher training with us, as a bonus, we offer the Shamash Premium Monthly Mentoring and supervision support. Each month you can ask questions and share best practice ideas with all the other people that have completed mindfulness teacher training, either with us or any other organisation. The tips not only include topics on mindfulness, but also touch upon ways of marketing yourself and your programme in a mindful way.We're really passionate about mindfulness and want to support you as much as possible in your journey as a mindfulness teacher. We're in this together!
This program is currently accredited by the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches. They also offer insurance to those who successfully complete this program.
You can teach mindfulness with this certificated, professional course. Some people start teaching mindfulness after just reading a book, whilst others spend up to 5 years of training before teaching mindfulness. This course is a bridge – we strive to offer the highest standard of teaching through an online medium.
Complete beginners are asked to do the Live Mindful Course and integrate mindfulness into their lives first.
How do we get in touch to ask additional questions?
Our Chief Happiness Officer, Teresa Slender, is happy to answer your queries. Please email info@shamashalidina.com or call +44 (0) 207 060 3392.
Remember to include a nice smiley face in your email and we’ll send one back for free! :-)