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Teach Mindfulness Academy
Let’s Build Our Confidence as Mindful Teachers and Develop Our Skills to Find the Right Students for Us….Together!

Note: Membership of Teach Mindfulness Academy INCLUDES full membership to Daily Mindfulness Club too.

The value of access to a community like this for a full year is at least £3000. Why? Because you’re accessing effectively daily coaching, weekly connections with like minded people on the same mission and monthly insights on the latest in mindfulness, ACT and ways to mindfully and authentically market your services.

If you create just one mindfulness class with 10-15 people, that makes about £3000. But I’ve decided to offer this whole community at £999/year. And you can even pay monthly. You are then secured into this pricing for this community, as long as we run this community. Even if the new price goes up to £1999 or more for new members.

Here’s how it works:
For full access to Teach Mindfulness Academy (which automatically includes Daily Mindfulness Club):


(Charged as one payment of £999/year)

(NOTE - So if you’re a full paying member of Daily Mindfulness Club, get in touch so we can ensure you only make one payment to access both memberships)

Here’s what you get:

  • Full membership of Daily Mindfulness Club with all its benefits
  • Special Private Community for Teach Mindfulness Academy
  • Monthly themes on Mindfulness, ACT or Authentic Marketing Topics which keep evolving
  • Weekly Challenges designed for motivation and accountability, based on that month’s theme
  • Weekly access to co-working sessions with Shamash + coaching sessions (optional)
  • Weekly calls in your mini groups (optional)
  • Weekly Member Profiles - learn about a new member of the group each week
  • Daily Mini Engagement in our Membership Platform to Check in
  • Monthly Training on the theme topic
  • Access to all recordings of Monthly Training
  • BONUS - access to 5 Week Authentic Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers Course worth £199
  • BONUS  - access to training videos from 5 week ACT for Beginners Course worth £299

Would you like to be regularly teaching mindfulness or ACT classes with confidence?

I certainly lacked confidence when I first started out as a mindfulness teacher. I even struggled to find students to teach. I distinctly remember handing out thousands of leaflets in the rain, outside Richmond station in London, and only one person showing up.

I started to doubt myself...

‘Can I actually do this? Is there even any point in me trying to be a mindfulness teacher if no one seems to be interested in learning with me?’

I had to pick myself up and keep going. Since I had no one to advise me, it literally took me years before I was making enough income to be able to have some savings and go on holiday without worrying if I’ll run out. 

I also lacked confidence when teaching classes. I thought:

‘Am I doing this right? What if these techniques are not interesting enough for them? Maybe some else should be teaching them, not me….someone who actually knows what they’re doing…’

The mindfulness teacher training program I did to become a mindfulness teacher myself had a non-existent online community. 

I hardly got a reply from my fellow trainees that I had studied with.

So fast forward 11 years of being a full time mindfulness teacher, things are very different. I’ve published many books and have lots of students. 

So I want to support NEW and/or KEEN Mindful Teachers like YOU, so you don’t have to make all the mistakes I made.

My dream has always been to be more supportive of the mindfulness teachers I’ve trained. So you don’t have to feel you’re so on their own, as I did. So you feel connected and know that if you’re struggling, you can simply send a message or have a call with fellow teachers for support and guidance. And also to be encouraged to charge a fair price for all the work you do.

So after many months of hard work in designing the community, we are ready to launch our first ever such community - the Teach Mindfulness Academy.

We are bringing together mindfulness and ACT trainers like you that are seeking to grow and nurture your mindfulness and ACT skills and confidence together, as well as your ability to find students, do authentic and meaningful marketing and charge a reasonable fee for their work, if you want to.

We will be doing weekly challenges to learn more about mindfulness, ACT and authentic marketing. We will have weekly co-working sessions where we can work on our challenges and you can ask me any questions you may have. And we will learn new skills from each other and grow as a close-knit community.

This is all so that we can:

  • Build Confidence to Teach Mindfulness and ACT Regularly and Creatively on a weekly basis with our growing client base and the confidence to charge for it if that’s what you want, to help create a more mindful kindful and playful world together 
  • Build Skills to be a better Mindfulness or ACT Teacher, and Find and Nurture a growing client base, and develop the right pricing structure that works for each one of us.
  • Collaborate - Create opportunities for collaboration to reach more people and teach more creatively, together. 
  • Support - Have a safe space to share our challenges and support each other to grow as mindful practitioners, and offer accountability for our business goals if needed
  • Help Create a More Mindful, Kindful, Flexible and Playful World, Together.

We can’t do this alone. We need to do this together.

With us, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to create mindful content that’s easy and fun, and fascinating for your students to read or listen
  • Find out how to build your own little community in ways that are deeply meaningful and require very little content, and can even help to bring in a sustainable monthly income if you need that.
  • How to be creative in the way you guide mediation, so you’re not always guiding in the same way, and continue to grow as a teacher.
  • Discover ways to deal with difficult experiences that your students may go through and learn from each other about how to manage that
  • Enjoy monthly themes like self-compassion, mindful use of social media, how to find students/clients, and how to price your work

So if you want to join our refreshing and exciting community that will be kindful, curious, playful, fun, deep and reflective, come and join us! 

There is no other place currently in the world, as far as we know, for mindful and ACT teachers to develop these skills, together as one group.

As a member of the Teach Mindfulness Academy, you will be able to display a digital badge on your website stating you are an active member of the Teach Mindfulness Academy.

This shows your clients that you are continuing to train and learn and grow as a mindful teacher and are part of a bigger movement to learn and teach mindfulness to others.

Dates and Times

You can now join the community now. All the training videos are recorded so you can access them anytime, in the platform.

Live group training sessions happen every month.

And your mini groups can be run at times to suit each of you.

Start Now!
Join for £99/Month
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Cancel Anytime - No Contracts Involved

If you’re not sure this community is for you, you are able to cancel anytime. Just send Teresa or myself a message or email and we will cancel it for you. So if you’re not sure, give it a try for a month or two and see if it’s for you. If you don’t feel connected to the community or feel it’s taking up more time than you have, no problem, just cancel. No hard feelings at all!

Any questions, feel free to email teresa[@]shamashalidina.com anytime. Teresa or I will be happy to answer your questions. 

We are excited to start this new chapter in our community.

Shamash Alidina

Author of 10 books, including Mindfulness for Dummies

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