Mindfulness Teacher Training
Get Certified. Grow In Confidence. Be the Change
We specialise in offering fully online Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Training for everyone!
You have three choices to get certified: 
Basic Teach Mindfulness Program
Join our 3-Month long program, including 100 hour Certified Premium Mindfulness Teacher Training. Learn how to become a teacher, grow and be ever better. Focused on the concept of Mindfulness.
Advanced Teach Mindfulness Program
This is an upgrade to our Certified Teach Mindfulness Basic Program and doubles the curriculum and length of the program while giving you unique training skills for the market and focuses on the concept of Kindfulness too.   
Corporate Teach Mindfulness@Work Program Certified
Apply for our 6-Month 200 hour Certified Coach Mindfulness Training Program. Run programs in the workplace, corporate organisations and executive coaching programs. Designed to fit your schedule and needs
Your Teacher

Shamash is the international bestselling author of the Mindfulness For Dummies series and the book The Mindful Way through Stress

Shamash has had the honour and privilege of training with the fathers of ‘Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction’, Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD and Saki Santorelli PhD through the Center for Mindfulness in Massachusetts, United States. He has also trained extensively with the Centre of Mindfulness at Bangor University in Wales.

He loves coaching people to live in the present moment in a calm and focused way, leading to greater health and wellbeing. And, with his strong background in science, Shamash loves the way that mindfulness has been proven to work scientifically many times.

What Our Students Are Saying:

I would recommend the course to those of you who have personally enjoyed the benefits of Mindfulness in your own lives and want to be able to pass this onto others. Overall, I wanted to feel confident with my own understanding of Mindfulness so that I could deliver it to others. I felt I needed to establish the underlying principles of a mindfulness course. This was all achieved, especially through my own practices from the course. The true peace you can find through this course is untold.
- Lyn Matthews

My expectations were high as I had read about Shamash before enrolling on the course and also I had the fantastic opportunity to hear him talk on Mrs Mindfulness's summit. I got to meet some fantastic people, I learnt and discovered so much about myself and others. It also brought me insight, compassion and kindness. It truly was a fantastic course, I learnt loads, but most of all enjoyed Shamash's humour and positivity. Thank you Shamash for your teachings!
- Deborah Toniolo

I found the 'Teach Mindfulness Online' course to be both an informative and fun learning environment. Shamash takes the time to include everybody's learning needs, and delivers the training in a simple but thorough manner. I would definitely recommend taking this course to widen your understanding of Mindfulness and to deepen your own practice. As a student, I had to make the journey, but Shamash defiantly had all the right maps!
- Deborah Williamson
What makes our teacher training programs the best available?

Tiers to cover different aspects of mindfulness
We offer 3 training programs to meet different needs and experience. You can combine them together or take each separately - the value is never lost.
Live & Recorded videos
We don't offer just old recorded videos - we firmly believe in personal interaction, Q&A sessions and live 1-to-1 calls to help you improve and understand the concepts.
Project Work
We firmly believe that knowledge without practice doesn't provide value. Our goal is to certify only those trainers that have shown interest and progress. 
Recognized Trainers
Shamash Alidina is the world-renown author of mindfulness books, including Mindfulness for Dummies. He has partnered with other mindfulness and kindfulness coaches for these training.